Live Streaming


What is Live Video Streaming or Live casting?
Livecasting or livestreaming is often the term used that describes the process of broadcasting real-time, live video footage or video feed to an audience accessing the video stream over the internet. The viewing device can be a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or digital screen at home, at the office or in a brick and mortar venue such as a movie theater, restaurant, places of worship or sporting arenas. The broadcast can be just video, audio or both. This can be used for business projects and seminars, or for teaching and education. You can now even use it for your wedding day, to show friends and family overseas.

People love to watch events ‘live’ especially if the event has a relevance or significance to them, but when it’s difficult to actually attend a live event, we often gather to watch these events or special moments in real-time on television, or over the internet in High Definition quality. Over the past year, due to the ease of a new breed of technology with incredibly low cost, we can now find business information, seminars, workshops and webinars which are being broadcast ‘live’ to a global audience over the internet. Viewers often will interact with the broadcast host or guests or other viewers, through text chat, twitter feed, voice or webcam video.

Live streaming is something to consider when you want a personal touch, more audience engagement and wish to build a relationship. You will also be pleasantly surprised by the level of success received from your call-to-action statement.

What Can I Stream?

  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Conferences
  • Company Updates/Training
  • Concerts/Band Video
  • Religious Ceremonies
  • Seminars
  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • And much more. . .


­So How Does It Work
The success of streaming media is pretty recent, but the idea behind it has been around as long as people have. When someone talks to you, information travels toward you in the form of a sound wave. Your ears and brain decode this information, allowing you to understand it. This is also what happens when you watch TV or listen to the radio. Information travels to an electronic device in the form of a cable signal, a satellite signal or radio waves. The device decodes and displays the signal. In streaming video and audio, the traveling information is a stream of data from a server. The decoder is a stand-alone player or a plugin that works as part of a Web browser. The server, information stream and decoder work together to let people watch live or prerecorded broadcasts.


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What we can Offer You
We can offer live video streaming of any event you wish, whether it be for business or pleasure, using the latest high definition broadcasting technology.  Forget webcams, fuzzy images and terrible sound, we use our own dedicated satellite link to bring your event to life, with a professional and experienced production team and high quality equipment, you can make sure no-one misses out.

Amongst the many uses for streaming, weddings are perfect for family and friends who are overseas, or just for broadcasting to a nearby marquee or hall. Our live video streaming service uses carefully positioned cameras and wireless mobile cameramen to cover every angle of your day, offering a much more intimate experience for your friends and family, wherever they are watching from.

You can include your web link in your invites, sharing your day with an extended circle of friends – great for your friend’s parents for example.  You can even share your web link on Facebook if you wish. Streaming your day live means you are sharing your day as it happens.  

If you are interested in finding out more on how “Live Streaming”  could work for you, let’s talk.