Optional Extras

Option A: Customised Coverage
If having looked over our Wedding Packages you have not found what you would like, we are happy to tailor your day to your own individual requirements. There may be things we have not mentioned that you would like or maybe there are things you’re not keen on. Either way, whether it be based on your filming preferences or based on your budget, we will endeavour to shape your day as you require.
Price: TBA for this service.

Option B: Brides Home
Footage taken at the bride’s home, as she and the bridesmaids are having their hair and make-up done. As it is not possible to be in two places you at the same time, filming at this point may result in missing out on some of the arrival of guests at the church. If you don’t want to miss the guests arriving but feel you would still like to have footage taken at home, we can arrange to have a separate cameraman come to you, allowing us to continue at the church.
Price: £70 for this service.

Option C: Extra Evening Coverage
If you would like more of the evening festivities filmed no problem. You may want to see more dancing or just listen to the band however, there may be things happening later on that you wish to relive, like a fireworks display etc or possibly the departure of the bride and groom. Either way this can be arranged.
Price: £100 for this service.

Option D: Two Camera Coverage
The benefits here are obvious. Having another camera running allows us to be much more creative at the filming stage and gives you the ability to follow the wedding party and all the guests at the same time. You are then able to see not only what you and the photographer were doing, but also how the guests enjoyed themselves too. This option also narrows the chances of anything being missed. There is now the opportunity at the editing stage to use the footage from both cameras to put your day together using multiple camera angles and TV style “Parallel Storyline” techniques giving you a truly superior end product and a lasting record of your day that you’ll never forget.
Price: £250 for this service.

Option E: Recorded Messages
At the end of your day we select some of your guests and film some short Vox Pop style messages allowing them to wish you well and express how much they enjoyed your day. This is becoming more popular and sometimes adds a little extra sparkle to the video ensuring an uplifting finale to the proceedings. If you wish, you can choose these people for us, or leave it to us to organise for you so that you don’t know who was involved until you get the DVD/Bluray discs back.
Price: £70 for this service.

Option F: Wedding Slideshow Disc
In the process of filming and editing your wedding, we have to save stills from the video footage. Some of these are on the video at the end but the bulk of them are never seen. Should you require these pictures, we can put them on to a disc in slideshow form with various transitions and special effects between each one, together with some background music and an opening title sequence. You can sit back and enjoy them all time and time again either on your PC or on your DVD player. It comes to you in either a leather DVD album with gold corners and a picture of yourselves inside, or a personalised DVD case. A lovely keep sake which will compliment your Wedding DVD/Bluray and your Album.
Price: £100 for this service.

Option G: Wedding Storybooks
Everyone loves a “good book” so why not appear in your very own Wedding Storybook? It’s a fantastic way to remember the special moments from a magical day. See who was there? Who wore what? Or just read all the little details and facts about the day. These beautifully printed storybooks have a hard cover, with your images printed directly onto a superb heavy lustre 135gsm gloss paper. Whether it is on your bookshelf, or your coffee table to share with family and friends . . . . It’s a timeless keepsake you will enjoy forever.

Available in Two Sizes:

Standard Landscape
10 x 8 inches (25 x 20 centimetres)
Price £185.00

Large Format Landscape
13 x 11 inches (33 x 28 centimetres)
Price £235.00

Option H: Wedding on a USB stick
If you wish, we can re-encode your completed edit and transfer the file to a USB Stick. This allows you to be able to show your wedding in full, to family, friends or work colleagues whenever you wished. It’s totally mobile as it could be attached to your Key ring or popped in a pocket of a jacket or purse etc. A lovely little extra for all to enjoy.
Price: £65 for this service

Option I: Wedding on the Web
You now have the option to have your wedding encoded for use on your Social Media Page. Whether it is Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube etc, we can give you an edited version for upload. It will enable you to show friends all over the world, what a great day you had.
NB: This is an edited version and will be much shorter than the actual DVD/Bluray disc. The reason for this is due to file size and the fact that some sites have time restrictions on video uploads. Please check first.
Price: £100 for this service