Platinum Package

Full Two Camera Coverage For The Day
“If you want the works, then this is the one for you”

The Platinum Package offers you the chance to add that whole “TV” feel, to your Wedding Day.
As with the Silver & Golden packages the coverage begins with the establishing shots of the wedding venue and continues on through the day right up to the first two dances and beyond. All of this is filmed with TWO CAMERAS instead of one. The filming would go on for around an hour or so after the first dance if required.

The benefit here is obvious. Having another camera running allows us to be much more creative and gives you the ability to follow the wedding party and all the guests at the same time. You are then able to see not only what you and the photographer were doing, but also how the guests enjoyed themselves too. There is now the opportunity at the editing stage to put your day together using TV style “Parallel Storyline” techniques giving you a truly superior end product and a lasting record of your day that you’ll never forget.

In addition to all of this the Platinum Package also gives you some little extras.
At the end of your day we select some of your guests and film some short Vox Pop style messages allowing them to wish you well and express how much they enjoyed your day. If you wish, you can choose these people for us, or leave it to us so that it is a surprise to you.

You also get a Medi@disc of your day with this package. When we edit your footage we have to capture stills from the day for certain segments or effects. Normally we would have between 100 and 150 pictures, most of which are totally different from the pictures the photographer has taken. We put all of these images on to a disc, include some music and some short titles, and using automated special effects and transitions, you can sit back and enjoy them all time after time, either on the PC or on your DVD player. A lovely addition that will undoubtedly compliment your Wedding Video & Album.

This disc is presented in a “Mario Ascerboni”, Italian Leather Mini DVD Album with Gold Corners. It also has a photograph of you on the inside cover. Real Quality.

The Platinum Package is £995
“Go on treat yourself… you’ll only do it once”
The Two Camera Coverage, Vox Pop and Medi@disc options are also available on the other packages as extras; however the Platinum Package with it all included can save you up to £195.00.

Extra copies on DVD are available for £20.00 each
If required, copies on video can also be made available for £16.00 each

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NB: Coverage of your marriage ceremony is at the discretion of the officiating clergy. For this reason, where possible we are willing to attend your rehearsal and discuss the filming with the clergy. Please remember permission to film must be granted at least TWO weeks before the wedding day.