Silver Package

A wedding is a very important event. How often will all your family and all your own personal friends, be together in the same place to share something special with you?  So for that very reason it’s essential not to rely on a well-meaning relative or friend to try to capture on film, the biggest day of your life. There is nothing else that gives you the ability to relive these cherished memories in an entertaining way, quite like a professionally filmed wedding DVD. At Viewpoint Video Productions, we know exactly how much importance is attached to a wedding. Not only for the happy couple, but also for everyone else who will share in what will certainly be a very special day. We are pleased to say more couples are choosing Viewpoint and experiencing our creative approach to what is a once in a lifetime event. Having gained a fine reputation for our attention to detail, professionalism and quality, we have no doubt that you will be totally delighted when you “see your special day from our viewpoint.”

Using the latest broadcast quality digital equipment, our camera crew will skilfully, carefully and unobtrusively capture the atmosphere of this unique occasion, allowing you to relive these cherished memories time and time again. Always remember, very often people will forget the little things that happen on their wedding day. A Viewpoint Video Production of your wedding won’t allow you to forget ANYTHING.

Coverage of your big day begins with establishing shots of the Church or Registry Office both inside and outside, followed by the arrival shots of the wedding party as they appear. This would normally be Ushers, Groom & Best Man, Groom’s Parents, Brides Mother, Bridesmaids & Flower Girl/Page boy and finally the Bride and her escort. As this is happening we also take footage of all your invited guests arriving at the start of the day.

After some formal photographs at the Church door, the camera crew move inside and position the camera on a tripod in order to capture the wedding ceremony, signing of the register and then the newly weds as they walk back down the aisle.

We then record some formal and informal shots of the bridal party and guests outside the church.

Also filming their departure to the park, hotel etc. After coverage of the photo shoot, the camera crew follow the bridal party on to the reception to cover the official receiving of the guests, formal toasts to the bride and groom and finally, the day’s coverage would be brought to an end after the official cutting of the Wedding Cake.

Once the job is edited we can then add the opening titles, closing credits and additional music where appropriate, to enhance the overall production.

The Silver Package is: £549.00
Supplied with this package are 3 professionally authored DVD’s in proper DVD boxes. They have pre-printed sleeves which have pictures from your day on them, making them unique to you only.
Extra copies on DVD are available for £20.00 each
If required, copies on video can also be made available for £16.00 each
For more information and payment details, see our FAQ’s page.

NB: Coverage of your marriage ceremony is at the discretion of the officiating clergy. For this reason, where possible we are willing to attend your rehearsal and discuss the filming with the clergy. Please remember permission to film must be granted at least TWO weeks before the wedding day.