1. At the time of booking a non-returnable booking fee of £100.00 is required to enable Viewpoint Video Productions, to complete all relevant booking details and more importantly, secure that specific date for you only. That date will no longer be available to anyone else.

    NB: Half of the outstanding balance of payment will be due the week before filming takes place with the final balance due when we start the edit process. If payment is not made Viewpoint will not proceed from that point.

  2. Please state any special requests for your wedding video at least 21 days prior to the wedding date, please do not make requests during the wedding, as there is no guarantee these requests will be met.
  3. Please return any documents (i.e. Music Form, Wedding Details), to us at least 21 days prior to the wedding date.
  4. If no music form is returned, Viewpoint Video Productions will choose appropriate music for the wedding video.
  5. The camera person/s will give advice to the clergy/hotel management of the best position to film, as not to cause obstruction to guests or uncomfortable viewing on the final edited film. If, however, clergy/hotel management have any regulations of where the camera person/s should stand, during the wedding ceremony, the speeches and the evening reception, then the camera person/s will adhere to these regulations. Therefore Viewpoint Video Productions will not be held responsible if the camera person/s is/are placed in an awkward position causing obstruction to guests or uncomfortable viewing on the final edited film.
  6. Viewpoint Video Productions will edit the wedding video as they see appropriate. Any re-edit will be charged at £45.00 per hour. If, however Viewpoint Video Productions have created the error (i.e. Spelling Error, Incorrect Music); there will be no charge for a Re-Edit. If the client has advised us of spellings or music and it is found to be incorrect, this will be deemed to be the fault of the client and therefore any work taken to rectify this would be charged at the Re-Edit rate of £45 per hour.
  7. If in the unlikely event that a digital cassette fails and some of the footage is lost Viewpoint Video Productions will not be held responsible. For compensation the wedding party will have to contact the manufacturer of the digital cassette.
  8. All weddings differ in duration, therefore Viewpoint Video Productions will not be held responsible if the wedding video appears to have an inappropriate duration.
  9. Please retain a copy of all documentation & communication to and from Viewpoint Video Productions in case of future reference.
  10. Unless negotiated and a price agreed in writing, the footage recorded by Viewpoint Video Productions is Copyright of Viewpoint Video Productions
  11. Viewpoint Video Productions shall not be liable for any loss to the client, arising from delay in transit not caused by Viewpoint Video Productions.
  12. Viewpoint Video Productions shall be under no liability if the camera person/s is/are unable to carry out any provision of the contract for any reason beyond his control (without limiting the foregoing) Act of God, legislation, war, fire, flood, drought or failure of power supply.
  13. Viewpoint will keep all filmed works (completed or not) for a period of 12 months from the date of filming. After which time they may well be securely disposed of. 
  14. When your job is completed and ready for collection/delivery, we will inform you either by telephone or any supplied email address.  If your job requires to be posted to you we would advise you of the additional postage and packing charge before sending. This is a charge you will have to meet, as it is not built into your wedding package.
  15. (a) When a job has been completed by Viewpoint and any outstanding payment can’t be made (regardless of the reason) there will be a maximum period of 8 weeks grace, after which payment must be made. Depending on circumstances, if payment is not made, or an alternative arrangement not put in place, Viewpoint shall either pass on the debt for recovery, or dispose of the finished job as they see fit.

    (b) Viewpoint reserve the right to delete (at any time) all files from all completed/uncompleted but still unpaid works from the edit facilities. Media files are very large and they can tie up valuable system resources and stop productivity.

  1. If you move house or change any of your contact details (telephone number, email address) from what we have on file, you must let us know ASAP. We will not be held responsible for any delay in production caused by loss of contact between us and the customer.
  2. In the event of any such loss of contact between Viewpoint and a customer, or a customer not returning calls or emails, or failing to collect finished work, or get in touch with us in any way, it shall be deemed by Viewpoint that the job is no longer required. We shall stop further production of any unfinished work immediately. Work completed or not, shall still be preserved for a period of 12 months and if contact has still not been made, disposal is likely. (see point 13)

NB: Viewpoint may still look to recover any monies owed for production, prior to and up to the disposal date.

  1. In the event of the wedding booking being cancelled by the client, regardless of the reasons for cancellation, a cancellation fee will apply depending on the date of the cancellation. The timescale and costs for cancellation are shown below:

    If Cancelled Three months before the date – No Charge will be incurred
    If Cancelled Two months before the date – 15% of the total package price will be incurred.
    If Cancelled One month before the date – 30% of the total package price will be incurred
    If Cancelled LESS than a month before the date – 50% of the total package price will be incurred

  2. If the job is cancelled “after” the Wedding has been filmed (regardless of reason) 50% of the total package will be payable plus any post production work undertaken up to the point of cancellation.
  3. As stated in (point 1) on all weddings filmed by Viewpoint, the final balance payment will be payable in full at the commencement of the edit. If payment is made by cheque, we will require the cheque to clear the bank before the editing process begins. If payment is not made at that time the job will not be started and will be substituted with another one until full payment has been received.